The Easy Lay™ 3.0 with Head Rest + our Snap-Back Buckle!



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The Easy Lay 3.0™

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The Next Generation Inflatable lounger, sofa, surfboard, bean bag, couch, bed... Is here!

The Easy Lay™ is the absolute best thing to have with you, anywhere, anytime, and with anyone... Now you can sit down, enjoy life and do what you're best at - Nothing!

Designed and Crafted in sunny Los Angeles, CA (by a team of Rocket Scientists and Brain Surgeons) we use only the highest thread Parachute Grade Ripstop Nylon (a powerful fabric transferred from Alien Powers into Penelope's hands). It won't rip or puncture, unless you stab it with those dirty needles! (But if you insist on stabbing a hole, just duck-tape the inside for a quick painless fix!)

Enjoy it on grass, rocks, pavement, your Uncle's lawn, or in line at Starbucks!

Also, don't forget, just because Penelope once tried to blow it up with her mouth...
You don't have to!

No mouth action or pump needed!

Easily inflatable with a few scoops of air!
(Yes, yes, yes, you can inflate it without any wind!)

The Next Generation Easy Lay™ 3.0 Features

  • The Easy Lay special shape with built in Head Rest (No Banana Shape) - Relax your neck, while looking good (Make friends, don't scare them away!)
  • A large pocket for your gizmos.
  • An extra line of stitching to add strength and back support. Lock stitches too.
  • A cup-holder for your drinking habit.
  • Adjustable size: Use it as a shorter chair, or a massive sofa! You decide with the amount of air you scoop!
  • Double layered water-proof fabric for extra protection.
  • Our very own Snap-Back buckle ensures a consistent wide air opening for Easy Air Scooping!
  • A new smartly designed closing mechanism. Easy to inflate. Easy to store.
  • Two loops to attach your Easy Lay on a windy, lonesome, day.
  • A snug mini back-pack to make Gucci proud.
  • Sweet L.A Design.
  • So much LOVE...
  • Support if you need help to inflate it... Watch me, listen, then practice, baby.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on any defects or manufacturing problems.
Weight: 2.5lb
Size: 78 in x 34 in - The Easy Lay 3.0 is bigger, wider and thicker, then your Daddy's!
Fabric: High Thread Parachute Grade Nylon Ripstop with our very own UV coating, and a environmentally friendly inner bag. Double layer gives the best protection. Supports up to 750lb!
To Clean: Use soap, water, a clean dish towel, and your hands...
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