What is the Easy Lay™ and how do I inflate it?

The Easy Lay™ is a revolutionary inflatable sofa. It works without a pump, is made of durable Nylon material and can be enjoyed almost everywhere.
To inflate - Watch THIS Generic Instructional Video. Imitate.

How long does the Easy Lay™ last on a single fill?

Longer then anyone has ever lasted. 3-6 hours depending on how much air you scooped... To harden surface, simply twist buckle one more time or scoop some more air.

Can I sleep on my Easy Lay™?

The Easy Lay is great for naps...But only if you dream of me.

How much weight can the Easy Lay™ hold?

Three adults. One Fat Uncle Joe. Nine models. 750LB!

How do I deflate my Easy Lay™?

First, why would you? But if you must... Simply unbuckle and unroll the closing side, and the air will seep out... Then simply roll it up like a burrito towards the buckle side, fold once and easily place it back in the carrying bag.

My Easy Lay™ is loosing air?

Don't panic. Breath. Eat some sugar. E-mail us and we will figure it out in no time.

What is the Easy Lay™ made of?

I believe it is a TOP SECRET, secret. But, between you and me, and everyone at the "Government" - We use the highest quality and thread count Ripstop Nylon, with an inner safety bag to prevent punctures. The same material used in parachutes and durable outerwear. Needless to say, you'd have a hard time puncturing it. But, avoid sharp pointy things - whatever they're made off.

Where can I use my Easy Lay™? Can I use it on water?

We Easy Lay™ everywhere... Grass, sand, rocks, indoors, my driveway, at the movies, in line for Starbucks. You name it.
On water, yes, if you can swim - If not, stay away from water.
Also, My sisters creepy friend who drives a BMW insists we remind you - The Easy Lay™ is not a rescue or flotation device.

What's the size and weight of the Easy Lay™?

It only weighs 2.8Lbs. When folded into the bag, its about 7.3in diameter X 14in length.
After a few scoops of air, dimensions will reach a whooping 88.7in X 37.8in.
"Enough space for you, your dog, and your neighbors boyfriend..."