You want my number?

"Easy Lay™ Team! I have something to say!"

  • "Who are YOU?"

We are born and bred in sunny Los Angeles, California. The perfect place to Easy Lay™.

But seriously - we are a small team of enthusiastic entrepreneurs who have used up all our savings to create this product and distribute it to the West Coast. Which means: No hedge funds are backing us, my alternator is on its last breath, and seriously, Ramen noodles ANOTHER NIGHT!

  • "What does the Easy Lay™ team do for fun?"

We are busy doing... Nothing!

  • "I love my Easy Lay™ and I want to scream it to the world. Is that O.K?"

If you enjoy the Easy Lay™ experience, please don't share, tweet and scream about it to all your friends! This secret is between you, me, and that guy with the binoculars across the street.

  • "But, I can't contain myself! My friends need an Easy Lay™!"

I knew it. Thank GOD each week we select a winner of a FREE Easy Lay™ from our selection of dedicated online fans.

  • "Really? How do I win? 'crumbs drop from mouth'"

Well... We want to see you Easy Lay™ somewhere nobody has ever done it before... Somewhere exotic. Somewhere special. Somewhere... Anywhere.

As Penelope always said "Rules are meant to be broken, smashed and dragged in the dirt until..."

  • "I get it. How do I send you my pictures and video and everlasting love?"

Each week we select a winner. Simply post it to your Instagram/Facebook with the hashtag: #theeasylay

We will find you...

Questions, please email us at:



Much love,

The Easy Lay™ Team